The Best of Yasmin Ahmad

by Abel Cheng on August 26, 2010

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Malaysia is going to celebrate its National Day in 5 days. And it reminds me of a special person: the late Yasmin Ahmad – an award winning and highly acclaimed filmmaker.

Below are a few TV commercials that I like most.

Everyone of them is equally touching and Yasmin had never forgotten to send her message across in her work to the audience: universal love (especially beyond race) and family values.

Yasmin’s videos are simple and down to earth. No fancy high tech effects. The general public can easily feel connected to the videos.

Hope you enjoy the videos too.

Petronas Chinese New Year: Old Folk’s

A few mothers bragging about how great their children are during the festive season of Chinese New Year. No matter what high-paying job a child holds, nothing beats the time he spends with mother. Spoken in authentic Penang Hokkien dialect with English subtitle.


A TV commercial initiated by the Singapore Government. We shouldn’t be too serious but to accept imperfections in human as something beautiful… as nobody is perfect. Painfully funny. In English with Mandarin subtitle.


This is my favorite video of the three. Also an initiative by the Singapore Government. It is about a father’s undying love for daughter. Narrated in English.

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