How to Detect a 404 Error Page Automatically in WordPress Blog

by Abel Cheng on October 7, 2010

in Blogging

A 404 error page is a nuisance to visitors of your website. It can be caused by a broken link or mistyped URL.

Not only that, it is embarrassing to a certain extent so we want to avoid it as much as possible.

It is very difficult for us to know when the error happens and which page causes it.

Recently I found a solution by accident.

While I was doing migration from Joomla to WordPress for one of my blogs, I found a WordPress plugin that helps me to detect any 404 errors.

My initial intention was to find out which old links in Joomla that were broken and redirect them to new WordPress links.

I thought I would stop using this plugin once the migration was completed. Until now, I am still using it – just for the purpose of detecting error pages on my site so that I can fix them whenever possible.

The best part of it is it is done automatically and an email is sent to me if an error is detected.

Here is the WordPress Plugin You Need to Detect 404 Error Pages

You can detect bad pages in your WordPress blog by installing a plugin called Useful 404’s.

Follow the instructions on the page to install.

Once you install and activate the plugin, you have to put this piece of code (<?php useful404s(); ?>) in your theme’s 404 page by going to WordPress Dashboard: Appearance > Editor > 404 Template. Put the code right after the title or heading.

Next, in the plugin’s settings page, you can activate or deactivate email notifications, and customize the email messages that you are going to receive.

Now you are set to go.

Whenever an error is detected, an email will be sent to you. Then it is your job to fix anything that is causing the error.

This plugin can really help you save lots of time and headache. Go try it. You will be pleased with the new found traffic that would otherwise be lost.

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