Abel Cheng, a visionary person, developed a keen interest in business even while he was under employment. Because of his passion for his work in the field of Internet technology, he decided to venture out as an IT consultant to help serve his clients better.

One thing led to another. His visionary trait brought about further expansion to his business undertakings. Unknowingly he was using his strengths and potential in helping his clients improve their businesses. And because of that he found himself expanding his product and service line rapidly.

The businesses that Abel Cheng is involved in include online entrepreneurship, info-preneurship, marketing consultations, health and fitness, and aromatherapy. His unique and innovative techniques are now shared generously to entrepreneurs through his workshops, coaching sessions and also from his electronic publications.

His dedication to perfecting himself and his techniques can be seen through his investments in books and consultations with big names in the business industry.

In addition, he also network extensively with people from different business industries. His business connections include health professionals, business and marketing consultants, authors, life empowerment coaches, multipreneurs, infopreneurs and netpreneurs.

Last but not least, Abel Cheng is often seen passionately working together with his clients – helping them achieve the success they want. His dedication to his work can be testified through the unsolicited testimonies from his appreciative clients and also from endorsements from top professionals.

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