How to Redirect Any Page or Post Using 301 Redirect in Thesis

by Abel Cheng on May 5, 2010

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Note: This post is applicable only to Thesis 1.7, not 1.5.1. When I was using Thesis 1.5.1, there was no such feature.

If you are not using Thesis theme (I ask you to seriously consider using it) for your blog, I will let you know of a plugin which does exactly this in a minute.

But first let’s talk about how to create a 301 redirect in Thesis 1.7.

301 Redirect is the best way to redirect any web page to another link (it could be internal or external link) because it is SEO friendly and you won’t be penalized by search engines for doing this. I usually use this for cloaking my ugly, long, and non-memorable affiliate links.

Follow these steps to create a 301 redirect page for Thesis users:

  • Login to WordPress Dashboard.
  • Create a new page: Pages > Add New (or Posts > Add New). I prefer creating new pages.
  • Enter the title of the page. This will become the URL of this new page. Make sure this URL is what you want by checking the Permalink. To change/rename, click Edit and then Save.
  • Goto field 301 Redirect for this Page’s URL (scroll down a bit), enter URL of the destination page – the page you want this new page to redirect to. In this case, it can be your affiliate link, for example.
    Click Publish.

Easy peasy!

Now you can test it by entering the URL of the new page in the browser, and if it works properly, it will send you to the destination page – the URL you just entered in 301 Redirect for this Page’s URL field.

I used to create PHP files just to cloak my links. Then I used FTP software to upload the files to my web server. As you can see, it is a very troublesome process. But with Thesis, you can do this in a flash. No FTP is required.

Video Tutorial

Watch this video if you are STILL not sure how to do it. Hope the tutorial video can help:

For Non-Thesis Users

Here is what I promised you at the beginning of this article.

If you are not using Thesis theme, you can still configure 301 Redirect in WP by using a plugin. Try this: 301 Redirect Plugin for WordPress. I have not tried it myself. But judging from the positive feedback, I believe the plugin works as promised. Why not you give it a try?

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